Theme of the Week: IF IT'S PAPER

I'm adding this post so you'll know the starting point for the theme of the week.  Just keep scrolling and clicking "Older Post" until you come to last week's theme.  Enjoy!

Printable Southern Magnolia Christmas Stationery - Cards, Letterhead, Labels

Set of printable cards, letterhead, and address labels with gorgeous Southern Magnolia design. Size of each sheet is 8.5" x 11; cards fold in half.  Nice quality weight of cardstock, letter paper, and envelopes. Equally great for your Christmas cards/letters or party invitations.  These are in excellent, "like new" condition; left over from one of my previous mailings.

Set includes:
7 cards and 10 envelopes (white)
30+ sheets letter paper
60 address labels


Printable Christmas Wreath Cards, Invitations - Set of 20

Set of printable Christmas cards with stunning wreath design on an ivory background. Size (unfolded) is 8.5" x 11. Nice quality weight of cardstock and envelopes. Equally great for your Christmas cards or party invitations.  These are in excellent, "like new" condition; left over from one of my previous mailings.

Set includes:
20 cards
24 envelopes (white)


Christmas Letter Paper Assortment - Computer Paper

Assortment of printable computer papers for Christmas letters, flyers, etc.  All are 8.5" x 11" and are in "like new" condition.  All are nice medium- to heavy-weight papers (not cardstock). Included are:

Unopened package of 50 sheets ornament-design paper by Creative Papers.   

29 sheets snowman-design paper plus 10 matching envelopes.
Left over from a previous mailing. 

Opened package of traditional Christmas paper with greenery, red ribbons, and horns on ivory background. Package originally contained 50 sheets; very few have been used.  Estimate 40-45 sheets still in package.


Fleur de Lis Stationery - Navy and Ivory Letterhead and Envelopes

Barely used set of standard-size letterhead and matching #10 envelopes featuring the always-classic fleur de lis design.  Beautiful ivory paper with a navy border and metallic gold emblem.  Matching ivory envelopes with gorgeous lined envelopes.  Originally 100 sheets/envelopes, there are likely 90+ of each left for you to enjoy.  Use for letter-writing or crafts.

Cost:  $ 10

55 Small White Boxes - Weddings, Favors, Petit Fours - Vellum Liners

55 plain white favor boxes measuring 3" wide x 3" high x 2" deep PLUS plenty of coordinating vellum circle inserts.  Unused; left over from a daughter's wedding.  Perfect for individual petit fours, small favors, attendants' gifts, or crafts.

Cost:  $ 6

Assortment of Printable Letterhead - Contemporary Computer Paper

Assortment of four (4) barely used packages of printable stationery/computer paper with fun, contemporary designs.  Size is 8.5" of 11" and all sets are in "like new" condition.  Each set originally contained 45 sheets of paper; I've probably used less than 5 out of each one, so you'll get 150+ sheets of paper.  These sets are a thin paper, best used when you're looking for pretty but not necessarily high quality. They're great for crafts, children's art, or scrapbooking. I've even used this weight paper for making seasonal "No Visitors" signs for the hospital.  Lots of possibilities; just be aware that these are not heavy-weight papers.


100 Blank White Envelopes - Crafts, Cardmaking

If you enjoy sending handmade cards or tags, this is your chance to stock up on 100 bright white blank envelopes.  Size is 5 3/4" x 4 3/8".  Nice paper weight.  Smooth finish.  In "like new" condition; left over from a previous mailing.