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RESTORATION is my all-time favorite linen cleaner because it works so well!  Stains I thought would never come out have disappeared -- sometimes in minutes; sometimes after several soaks. I consider RESTORATION to be a "must have" cleaning supply when laundering vintage linens.

Whether you want to restore an antique christening gown for a new baby, get your heirloom table linens back into circulation, or simply turn a stained "cutter" into a beautiful new treasure, it's very possible you can with RESTORATION. Try it now! (Not for use on silk or wool fabrics.)

Cost:  $ 15.95 (2 lb. jar)
I can fit up to 3 jars in a flat rate box and ship to any U.S. location for $11.70.

I am NOT a representative of the company and get NO compensation from them. I simply believe in their product, and they have agreed to let me offer it ... from My Place to Yours.