There's something in one of your pics that I love, but it's not the item for sale, and I don't see it listed in your shop. IS it for sale?
It may be! Just email me and tell me what you see. I simply may not have not had time to get it listed but would love to send it ... from My Place to Yours.

Do you offer gift certificates or gift cards?
I wish I could, but unfortunately requirements of my state's gift certificate law make it difficult for me to do so.  However, if you wish to send money in advance to pay for a friend to shop at My Place to Yours SHOPPING, please contact me.  I'll do my best to work with you to make it happen.

I'm looking for a specific item, size, etc. May I contact you to see if you have it? 
Absolutely! It's always possible that I have just what you're looking for in the "stash" I haven't yet listed. If I don't, I'm always happy to keep my eyes open for requests. Just email me...

I love the look of vintage linens, but I don't know how to care for them. Will you give me some tips?
It is my pleasure to teach you how to care for your vintage textiles. For starters, look under the Linen Care section of my shop, and you'll see Restoration Linen Cleaner. It's the best all-around product I've found for cleaning vintage linens. In addition, I include care instructions with every linen purchase.

If I buy vintage linens from you, will they be clean?

Unless otherwise noted, all of my vintage linens have been laundered and come to you from my pet-free, smoke-free home. They will almost never come to you starched, but will usually be ironed.

How will my purchases be packed?
Linens are wrapped in acid-free tissue paper and (depending on their size) shipped in either a padded envelope or a sturdy shipping box.  Breakables are wrapped in bubble wrap then placed in a sturdy shipping box and surrounded with packing peanuts.

Will you combine shipping if I buy more than one item?
If possible, absolutely!  On occasion there are items that cannot safely be shipped together, but usually it's possible to combine.  I'm always happy to save you money on shipping any time I can!

Do you ever offer discounts?
If you are purchasing several items at one time, I am willing to consider offering a discount. You may contact me to inquire.  Whether or not a purchase qualifies for a discount will be determined on a case-by-case basis, depending on what is being purchased, total cost, my cost, etc.  

What is Hope Unlimited for Children -- and why are they your favorite charity?
I invite you to read about my involvement with Hope HERE.

I have a question you haven't answered ...
Please click on the Contact Me tab and send an email.  I'll be happy to try to answer your question.