Would you like to know when new items are listed ... but you don't want to fill up your inbox with notification of
(Don't worry.  I wouldn't do that to you!)

Just send an email to myplacetoyours[at]gmail[dot]com
and put SHOPPING in the subject line.

 That's it!  I'll send you an email every time I do a BULK listing of new items.  Right now, while I'm filling up the shop, that will be about once a week.  After awhile, it will probably decrease to an email every 3-4 weeks max.

If you ever decide you no longer want to receive the new listing info, no problem!  Just send another email to me with STOP SHOPPING in the subject line, and you'll be removed immediately ... with absolutely no hard feelings!
(I totally understand when something's gotta go!)

After all ... Shopping is supposed to be fun!