AR.4 French Four Seasons Watercolor Illustrations - Set of 4

 Fantastic framed set of French artwork depicting the four seasons. Each piece measures approx. 8.75" wide x 17" high x 0.75" deep. Frames are identical. Fabric mats (possibly silk) are identical. I am in no way an art expert, but the illustrations appear to be watercolor.  I can't read the artist's name although the note on the back of each piece seems to read "Season by Toile."  Please enlarge each pic then do your own research if that matters to you.

Illustrations appear to be in excellent vintage condition with vibrant colors and no smears/smudges.
Frames are in very good vintage condition; one is missing glass.
Mats on 3 are in good condition; one is stained.  May be possible to clean it, but I don't know. If I were keeping these, I'd try to clean it. If that didn't work, I'd use a fabric spray paint to darken/change the color of all 4 mats or re-cover them in a new fabric.
Other - On a few pieces there appears to be little spots of perhaps mildew under the glass but NOT on the pictures. (The mat is thick enough to keep the glass away from the pictures.) I am 99% certain that the glass can be removed and cleaned and everything put back into the frame without any problem whatsoever.  A new piece of Kraft paper can simply be placed on the back of the frame to keep future dust, etc. away from the paper.

These will take just a little work to restore them (so I'm pricing with that in mind), but what an amazing "statement" they'll make in their new space!


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